Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

  • Removing skin tags and unwanted lesions.
  • Consultations with clinic doctor, Dr Beata Samborska.
  • Courses tailored to individual requirements.

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Treating Thread Veins, Milia And Red Spot Cherry Angioma

Diathermy is the process used to remove skin tags and a range of other unwanted lesions such as thread veins, milia and a type of red spot known as 'cherry angioma'. This method uses thermolysis to cauterise and coagulate the skin tag or lesion, and is generally a quick, effective and painless procedure. For more information on Advanced Cosmetic Procedures please read on below, or contact The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic.

An initial consultation will be carried out prior to treatment. Dr Beata will assess the area to be treated and explain everything about the treatment. You will be able to have the treatment straight after your consultation in the same appointment if you wish.
A medical review of your skin lesion may be required by your G.P. prior to treatment. Dr Beata will advise you if this is needed during your consultation.
A fine cauterising probe is used.
An anaesthetic cream may be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment.
You may experience a mild stinging sensation, but it is perfectly tolerable.
The area being treated may develop a fine crusting over the first few days which should heal over the following week or so. You may also have some mild swelling and/or reddening of the localised area, which will last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the treatment. There is also a slight possibility of scarring, but Dr Beata will discuss these risks with you during your consultation. We highly recommend applying esters of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to assist in the healing process, and again you will be advised on these in your consultation. A follow up appointment will be made to assess the area treated and to re-treat if necessary.
Permanent removal is usually achieved; however, the treatment does not prevent other lesions or vessels from developing, particularly in sun-damaged patients. More than one treatment may be necessary to achieve the desired effect. Skin exhibiting signs of sun damage is likely to require maintenance treatments which may include IPL rejuvenation.