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Mesotherapy For Hair Loss and Alopecia

  • Speeding up the revival of hair follicles.
  • Treatments start from just £50.
  • Courses tailored to individual requirements.

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Treating Hair Loss And Alopecia

Hair loss and thinning hair are common problems for many men and women. Mesotherapy is the procedure of administering vitamins and proteins to the scalp of patients suffering from hair loss with small, shallow injections. The vitamins, minerals and proteins are injected into the mesoderm (a layer under the skin) which connects the tissues of the skin to a layer of fat. It helps enhance blood distribution, triggering cell metabolism and therefore speeding up the revival of hair follicles. The substance injected is made up of natural ingredients that are safe and compatible with the body. For more information or to book a consultation please contact us at The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic in Orpington.

Patients undergo an initial consultation before treatment. During the consultation your Mesotherapy specialist will explain the treatment process, examine any areas of concern and gather some medical history details. They will also answer any questions you may have regarding hair loss, alopecia and Mesotherapy, and inform you of the likely number of treatments and costs to achieve optimum results.
There are no specific preparations required for Mesotherapy.
The process of Mesotherapy (shallow injections) is used for this procedure.
Anaesthetic is not usually needed as the injections are so shallow and the needles so thin – it should feel like tiny pinpricks that aren’t painful.
Some people may find the treatment slightly uncomfortable, but it is not painful. The sensation can best be described as feeling small pinpricks.
Results vary greatly from client to client, although we have experienced excellent results so far with clients who have undergone a course of treatments.
The number of sessions required depends on the expectations of the client (individual treatment time varies from patient to patient). Anything from 8 to 14 sessions is quite normal.