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Safe And Effective Hair Removal Treatment

IPL hair removal uses intense pulsed light to heat the hair in its follicle to a high temperature, permanently destroying the follicle. Over a course of six sessions, all of the follicles in the area are destroyed, leaving the area totally hair-free. Due to naturally occurring hormones, new hair follicles may gradually regenerate, so a top-up session once or twice per year may be required - offered at a reduced price. For more information on IPL Hair Removal in Orpington, please contact The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic. We welcome men, women and transgender clients and always strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Patients undergo an initial consultation before treatment. During the consultation your IPL Hair Removal specialist will explain the treatment process, examine the areas of concern and gather some medical history details. They will also answer any questions you may have regarding IPL Hair Removal, and inform you of the likely number of treatments and costs to achieve optimum results. Upon wishing to proceed, you will be asked to sign a consent form and to undergo a test patch (the test patch will cost £20 which is then deductible from your treatment cost).
In order for there to be hair in the follicles to treat, at least four weeks must pass between the last waxing, plucking, laser or IPL Hair Removal treatment. During the course of treatments, the patient should not wax or pluck at all, and the hair should not be bleached. Shaving the day before treatment is advised.
At The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic, we use the award winning Lynton Lasers Lumina for our IPL Hair Removal treatments, a state-of-the-art medical grade machine.
Anaesthetic is not required.
Most patients find IPL Hair Removal treatment perfectly tolerable; the sensation is that of hot pinpricks which last only a fraction of a second. What’s more, the treatment is over very quickly. To reduce discomfort, your therapist can provide a skin-cooling device, the Cryo 5, which can be used by you during the treatment to direct cold air onto any specific area as required.
Your IPL Hair Removal therapist will explain the recovery and aftercare process, and at the end of each session they may apply aloe vera gel to treated areas, which can then be re-applied at home for two to three days following. During the initial period after treatment, the area may appear red, tender and slightly bumpy, which is perfectly normal. In very few cases, the skin tone may lighten or darken temporarily, or slight blistering may occur.
Immediate differences are not visible. Although the follicles have been damaged, the hairs appear to be still growing as the body ejects the hair left in the follicles. Hairs usually take between one and three weeks to work their way out.
A course of six sessions is recommended. It can take a few more or less in some cases but, as a guideline, to catch all follicles when the hair is actively growing and achieve optimum results, six or more sessions, each four to eight weeks apart is normal.