LED Light Therapy

  • Non-invasive light energy treatment.

  • Triggers natural rejuvenation & repair process.

  • Boosts complexion to restore vitality & glow.

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Clinically Proven Therapeutic Light Energy

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair process. From the first treatment light therapy boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow. Dermalux Light Therapy treatment can target specific skin concerns on the face and body - it is an essential part of any skin programme to optimise and accelerate results.

Dermalux LED Light Therapy uses unique combinations or clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrared wavelengths to boost collagen production, increase hydration, calm redness and irritation and destroy blemish causing bacteria.

Yellow light is for healing.
Blue light is for antibacterial.
Red light is for anti-ageing.
We offer full skin consultations before all treatments. With LED Light Therapy this can be carried out on the day of your first treatment as no skin prep is required.
There is no preparation required for LED Light Therapy.
LED Flex MD Light Therapy and skin care products tailored to skin type are used to cleanse the skin and finish treatment.
There is no need for Anaesthetic.
Light Therapy is a pain free treatment.
There is no down time, your skin will be visibly radiant. Your therapist will advise aftercare at the time of treatment. It is always advised to use a daily SPF to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB.
Your skin will immediately appear radiant, rejuvenated and refined.
An intense course of 12 treatments taken in close succession is recommended for optimum cell activation however your therapist will recommend a treatment programme for your specific skin concerns.