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For Use In At-Home Treatment Programmes

Obagi is an advanced skin care brand exclusively created to be sold in clinics and medi-spas where a doctor is present. Here at The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic in Orpington our clinic doctor offers advice to customers interested in improving their complexion in a safe, gentle and non-invasive way, using Obagi. In addition, our therapists are also qualified in carrying out the in-clinic Obagi treatment, the Blue Radiance Peel, which introduces your skin to the products ready for your at-home treatment programme.

The Obagi Blue Radiance peel is a non-invasive, gentle chemical facial peel. All peels use an acid-base to remove the outer layer of dead skin, thereby encouraging cell renewal for fresher, younger-looking skin. The Blue Radiance Peel does just that, using a very low level of salicylic acid to refresh tired-looking skin with little-to-no recovery time.
Yes. One of our experienced therapists will discuss your skin concerns and ask you a few questions to decipher weather the Blue Radiance Peel is the best option for you. This can be done on the same day as treatment.
No. This is the beauty of the Blue Radiance Peel; it is so gentle and such a fantastic, all-round treatment that it does not require any skin-prepping with specific products. Having the peel is actually a great way to kick-start an at-home Obagi treatment programme using Obagi products.
No machinery is used when carrying out a skin peel.
No anesthetic is not needed for this treatment.
It is not painful, but you may experience a very short-lived burning sensation at the beginning of the treatment. Some patients experience an intense feeling of heat and itchiness for about 30 seconds to a minute after the acid solution is applied, but it does pass and is not painful.
This is a very gentle peel with a low acid content so there is hardly any downtime. Skin may feel a little tight and some small areas of more sensitive skin can become a little reddened for up to a day. If you do experience localised reddening, then this patch of skin will become a little flaky for a day or so, but it’s nothing a good moisturiser and a little foundation won’t be able to correct. The treatment isn’t recommended to be done before going away on a sun holiday. Burning off the top layer of skin exposes the baby-young epidermis below, leaving skin more photo-sensitive and prone to burning and sun-damage.
Excellent and noticeable results can be expected. Skin will be left radiant and glowing after each session and during a course of treatments the tone of the skin will remain clear and smooth. The peel is a great option for a general skin spring clean and a fantastic way to start off an at-home routine with the Obagi products.
Clients may choose to have just one session but can also opt for a course depending on their individual skin needs. This would be established in the initial consultation.