Female face arm tattoo removal ready for cover up

Female Face Arm Tattoo Cover Up

This customer needed to lighten an existing 19 year old tattoo of a female face on the upper arm ready for a new cover up tattoo in its place. When preparing for cover up tattoos, we recommend between 1-4 laser tattoo removal sessions, dependant on the new design. Approximately 6 weeks should be left between tattoo removal sessions and at least 6-8 weeks should then be left before starting the new cover up tattoo.

After 2 Tattoo Removal Treatments

You can see that the tattoo ink has really started to break down. The laser shatters the ink into small pieces which is safely removed via the lymphatic system and the body removes it naturally.

After 4 Tattoo Removal Treatments

The tattoo has faded evenly and healed well, ready for the new tattoo. We recommend drinking lots of water after laser tattoo removal treatments to help flush out the toxins.


If you’re thinking of having a tattoo removed or preparing for a cover and have some tattoo removal questions then please feel free to call us on 020 3026 6094 or send us a quick message - our tattoo removal specialists are here to help.