Bird stars tattoo removal - consultation stage

Bird Stars Tattoo Removal

This customer was looking for a tattoo removal clinic in Bromley to remove stars and a bird from their foot, but was advised to visit The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic in Orpington due to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and award winning laser tattoo removal service. The stars tattoo was 10 years old and the bird tattoo was 7 years old. Both contained plenty of colour.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 1 treatment

After 1 Tattoo Removal Treatment

You can see that the ink has started to break down. As this tattoo is on the foot, it can be more stubborn to remove. This is because the ink is shattered into little pieces and is then carried by your white blood cells through the lymphatic system. So with this tattoo it has further to travel to reach the closest lymphatic node. Also the closer to the heart it is the quicker it will fade, this is down to circulation.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 3 treatments

After 3 Tattoo Removal Treatments

You can see the black is really breaking down on the tattoo and the colour is starting to fade. We have been treating the tattoo every 6 weeks.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 5 treatments

After 5 Tattoo Removal Treatments

This client has really been looking after the tattoo. This is so important when having laser tattoo removal treatments to ensure it heals properly. We recommend using Lynton Light Sooth to calm irritation whilst promoting faster recovery. It has now faded a lot after this session and we have suggested to leave 8 weeks until the next session as it will continue to fade.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 7 treatments

After 7 Tattoo Removal Treatments

As you can see this bird stars foot tattoo removal is still fading well. Tattoos on the foot can be a bit more stubborn to remove because breakdown and removal of ink relies on circulation. We are now leaving longer in between sessions to allow for healing and to let the body respond effectively.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 9 treatments

After 9 Tattoo Removal Treatments

We are now leaving a minimum of 12 weeks between sessions to allow the tattoo to heal fully and fade. The fading will now slow down at this stage as there is not much in left. You can see that the tattoo is fading and healing very well.

Bird stars tattoo removal after 10 treatments

After 10 Tattoo Removal Treatments

It has now been 6 months since we last treated this tattoo, you can see it’s now faded considerably well. As there is minimal ink left we may not need to treat the tattoo again as the body will carry on breaking it down. We will see this client in another 6 months for another picture.

I had my tattoo done in my teens when I was quite impulsive, young and naive. Rebelling almost! I went through a phase of being into boys covered in tattoos that played the guitar and loved indie music. I guess I thought I was cool and it was fashionable to have stars at the time. As I grew older I started to despise the multiple stars so instead of considering laser or a cover up I tried to distract by adding to it with my bird. No particular reason really. Years later I have finally taken the plunge to have it lasered and am saying goodbye to my rubbish tattoo for good. Yay. I’m just not that girl anymore. I’m older (30 this year! Eeekkk) And I like to think… perhaps a little wiser these days. I will finally be able to wear my cute summer outfits and court shoes in my extremely corporate work environment without those judgmental eyes on my feet and go to weddings without using half a ton of concealer to cover the thing up! Sarah and the staff have been amazing and super professional in helping me on my little journey and I look forward to seeing her when I pop into Avalon 🙂
Bird Stars Tattoo, Bromley


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