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Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up

This customer is a tattoo artist them self and has almost a full body Japanese suit by an award winning tattoo artist. They visited The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic in Orpington because one of their sleeve tattoos, an 8 year old black and coloured Japanese style full sleeve was created previous to the award winning designs, and didn’t match the standard of the rest. Our task was to remove enough of the tattoo ready for a cover up, but because of its size, the tattoo would need to be treated in sections.

Tattoo Removal Video

The tattoo removal video shows the top area of the tattoo being treated. You can see the instant frosting appear on the skin, this is the oxidisation between the laser and the ink. The frosting will take about 20 minutes to disappear. After the laser tattoo removal session Lynton Light Soothe Serum is used to reduce irritation and encourage faster healing.


If you’re thinking of having a tattoo removed or preparing for a cover and have some tattoo removal questions then please feel free to call us on 020 3026 6094 or send us a quick message - our tattoo removal specialists are here to help.