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Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal

The sister of our clinic manager Sara wanted to remove a 17 year old black and purple tribal tattoo on the lower back, a tattoo once very fashionable for its feminine appeal. She simply doesn’t like the tattoo anymore and likes to call it 'the tramp stamp'. Prior to treatment a successfully consultation test patch was undertaken.

Tattoo Removal Video (above)

The tattoo removal video shows the instant frosting which is caused by ejection of particles and vapour from the skin. The snapping noise is where the laser is hitting the ink.

Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal Consultation Stage

Consultation Before Treatment

Prior to the first treatment we carry out a consultation and a test patch. This is to make sure there’s no reason for you not to have treatment. After each session the tattoo can respond differently. Localised swelling which will go down within a few hours, anti-histamine can help to reduce swelling quicker. Blistering and pin point bleeding can also happen, which is completely normal and will only take a couple of days to heal.

Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal After 1 Treatment

After 1 Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

As you can see the picture shows that the tattoo has faded and the in particles are breaking down. The tattoo has healed really well. The redness around the tattoo is from the numbing cream, ready for the next treatment. The lower back can be a sensitive area to treat, so by putting on the numbing cream an hour before tattoo removal treatment can help with any discomfort.

Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal After 2 Treatments

After 2 Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

This time the tattoo was treated 8 weeks later due to work. You can have laser tattoo removal 6 weeks between sessions. You can see from this picture there has been a slight change in colour, which is to be expected. The amount of fading can depend on the ink that was used and the depth of the tattoo.

Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal After 3 Treatments

After 3 Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

Again this treatment was carried out 8 weeks after the last session. You can see that it is fading well and healing nicely.

To be continued...

Lower Back Purple Tribal Tattoo Removal After 5 Treatments

After 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

As you can see the black parts are fading really well. The purple bits however are being a little more stubborn. We are now leaving a few months between sessions and there is not much ink left in the skin. The body will carry on breaking down the ink particles by its self and the tattoo will carry on fading.

To be continued...


If you’re thinking of having a tattoo removed or preparing for a cover and have some tattoo removal questions then please feel free to call us on 020 3026 6094 or send us a quick message - our tattoo removal specialists are here to help.