Tasmanian Devil tattoo removal Bromley

Tasmanian Devil Tattoo Removal Bromley

This customer was looking for tattoo removal in Bromley, to fully remove a 12 year old tattoo of a Tasmanian Devil holding a can of beer on the forearm (it was a bit of a drunken stupa with no reason behind the tattoo). They were recommended from another customer and underwent a successful initial test patch consultation before full laser tattoo removal treatment commenced.

The Tattoo Removal Treatments

Six weeks after the first tattoo removal session the ink had faded well, although the green may prove a stubborn colour to remove and may not go completely.

The second session then progressed nicely and also the third, so a decision was made to leave a gap to the fourth session to enable the ink to fade further naturally.

You can see the tattoo has almost disappeared apart from the green after 3 treatments. The ‘mum and dad’ at the bottom has completely gone.

The Bromley laser tattoo removal treatment is ongoing...


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