Dragon Tattoo Cover Up Bromley

This customer was searching the internet for tattoo removal in Bromley and came across The Avalon Laser & Beauty Clinic in Orpington. They were looking to lighten an 8 year old black tribal dragon tattoo on the arm ready for covering up with a new portrait tattoo of their late grandparents. Normally for cover ups we recommend between 1 to 4 treatments, but due to a portrait going over the top here, most of the ink would need to be removed, so extra treatments were required.

The Tattoo Removal Treatments

Our tattoo removal specialists separated the work to be done into two areas, first the flame and second the dragon. This was because the tattoo was quite large with a lot of ink to break down (when the laser breaks down the tattoo ink into small particles it safely travels through the immune system for the body to remove the particles naturally), plus the customer had a medical condition with a slightly lower immune system which meant they may tire quicker through the process.

We treated each area 3 weeks apart, leaving it 6 weeks before working on the same area again. And after the final laser tattoo removal treatment we recommended leaving at least 8-10 weeks before starting on the cover up tattoo of the portrait picture.

I researched on the internet for tattoo removal and I found that Avalon Laser Clinic looked like the most professional. The other sites I looked at seemed to be in tattoo studios and that put me off. When I went into Avalon for a consultation I found them to be very friendly and the clinic looked clean and fresh. That day I had everything explained to me and had a test patch done. I then started the process a week later. I didn’t find it that painful and it wasn’t too bad after. I had some swelling but it went down within an hour. Without Avalon I wouldn’t of been able to have the portrait I’ve always wanted – highly recommend.
Dragon Tattoo Cover Up, Bromley


If you’re thinking of having a tattoo removed or preparing for a cover and have some tattoo removal questions then please feel free to call us on 020 3026 6094 or send us a quick message - our tattoo removal specialists are here to help.