Tribal tattoo removal ready for cover up - consultation stage

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up

This customer approached our Orpington laser and beauty clinic to lighten an upper arm tribal tattoo ready for a cover up. They had started a new sleeve tattoo with more intricate detail on the forearm and wanted to extend that to the upper arm.

Tribal tattoo removal ready for cover up after 1 treatment

After 1 Tattoo Removal Treatment

We can already see significant break down in the black ink after just one session. We have explained to this gentleman that the blue/green ink in one of the stars will be the most stubborn for us to remove- although already there is lightening in this colour as well. It has been 6 weeks and the tattoo is completely healed and ready for us to retreat.

Tribal tattoo removal ready for cover up after 2 treatments

After 2 Tattoo Removal Treatments

You can see after two sessions that some areas of the tattoo have faded quicker than others; this is a normal response as the body withdraws the smaller ink particles, it can also be down to the depth of the ink in different areas of the tattoo.

Tribal tattoo removal ready for cover up after 3 treatments

After 3 Tattoo Removal Treatments

Between the second and third treatment further fading of the overall pigment in the tattoo occurred. It appeared greyer in tone instead of black. We normally recommend between 1 and 4 sessions of laser tattoo removal if the customer is having a cover up, but this very much depends on what is going over the original tattoo. In this case because the cover up will be mainly shading a few more sessions may be required to achieve the best possible end result.

Tattoo removal treatment is ongoing...


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