Upper Breast Heart Tattoo Removal

This customer approached our Orpington laser and beauty clinic to remove a 17 year old heart tattoo from the upper breast. It was a professional tattoo done in a tattoo studio and as you can see, it has faded a lot over the years by itself. This type of tattoo is not that difficult to remove.

After 2 Tattoo Removal Treatments

After just two laser tattoo removal treatments the heart had almost disappeared. It would not require another session as the last bit of ink should fade naturally over time. After six months had past the customer kindly sent in a photo showing the tattoo had fully disappeared as expected.


If you’re thinking of having a tattoo removed or preparing for a cover and have some tattoo removal questions then please feel free to call us on 020 3026 6094 or send us a quick message - our tattoo removal specialists are here to help.