Nautical hand tattoo removal - consultation stage

Nautical Hand Tattoo Removal

The nautical hand tattoo is just 2 years old and this client will be having a cover up with something similar but better quality. This will take between 1 and 4 sessions depending on the cover up. 6 weeks in between sessions are minimum to ensure ultimate healing and fading.

Nautical hand tattoo removal - after 1 treatment

After 1 Tattoo Removal Treatment

You can see significant difference just after 1 session 6 weeks later which is great.

Nautical hand tattoo removal - after 2 treatments

After 2 Tattoo Removal Treatments

You can now see a really good difference. You can see that the blue ink hasn’t faded as much, this is a stubborn colour to remove. This isn’t that important when you’re having a cover up as it should be fairly easy to cover.


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