Semi-Permanent Makeup

  • Applied directly to the dermal layer of the skin.
  • Free consultations with Rosie Bellington

  • Courses tailored to individual requirements.

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From Natural To Dramatic Finishes - Feel Your Best

Semi-Permanent makeup is applied directly to the dermal layer of the skin with hypo-allergenic pigments. The intensity of the colour of the makeup is entirely up to patients. Whether you prefer a natural finish, or a bit more drama, semi-permanent make-up artist Rosie Bellington will make sure that you end up with the exact finish you desire. Rosies pigment makers have accumulated 15 years of clinical and pharmacological knowledge and experience in the making of colours. Customer safety is a priority and they have abstained from utilizing elements that are known for impelling skin intolerance, photo sensitivity, or allergy triggering. They guarantee a sterile product which ensures perfect traceability. For more information or to book a consultation please contact us.

Semi-permanent make-up artist Rosie Bellington offers a free consultation for every client, with no obligation to go through with treatment. During the consultation Rosie will explain the treatment process, examine any areas of concern and gather some medical history details. She will also answer any questions you may have regarding Semi-Permanent Makeup.

There are no specific preparations required for Semi-Permanent Makeup.
A cosmetic smart machine is used by the practitioner to carry out the procedure.
Anaesthetic is applied by the practitioner before treatment.
The Semi-Permanent Makeup procedure may be a little uncomfortable but not really painful; most clients describe it as a light scratching sensation.
For a few days after treatment, patients may get some localised swelling, for which the practitioner may provide a specific creams to help.
Results are expected to be excellent. The procedure is a one-off treatment, but includes a top-up four weeks later if required (the top-up is included within the original cost).
Rosie Bellington studied Art & Design at college for five years, and now also has over five years’ experience providing the Semi-Permanent Makeup application. As an artistic and highly creative individual as well as a skilled professional, she works closely with her clients to create a customised plan of action for each person to ensure that they have the colour intensity, shape, look and end result they desire. Rosie meets both national and international requirements as set forth by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and The American Academy of Micro-Pigmentation. In addition, she is also accredited by Habia (Health & Beauty Industry Authority), BABTAC (British Association Of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) and The Guild of Beauty Therapists. Rosie is licensed and fully insured with public liability insurance to practice Semi-Permanent cosmetic application.